The small touches that you add to your house with the right accessories can elevate it to a real home. Decorative home accessories give you the ability to personalize your living environment and don’t have to be expensive either. With such a broad range of styles on offer, you can transform your space. Make it more vibrant with bright colours and prints, or make it more tranquil with calming tones and the addition of nature. Whatever look you desire, you can achieve it with the right accessories.

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Improve Your Wine Experience

Imagine how splendid it would feel to finally have the perfect place where you can store your wine glasses and all of your favourite wines. A wine rack that holds more glasses than any other rack on the market but doesn’t take up much space. What do we mean by this? Well, first, we made sure that you could easily stack up to six wine glasses on top of each other. It has slots that are designed to match the size of virtually any of your stemware, so you will never have an issue with lopsided glasses! Now you can see how easy it is to keep your drinkware safe! The best part is that when one of your friends comes over for a nice bottle of wine, all you have to do is simply pull out the central stem and add a new glass.

We created a unique wine rack with an innovative interior design that lets you keep your favourite wines stored in a horizontal position through careful planning and thoughtful design. This helps to retain the wine’s bouquet and flavour while protecting it from sunlight and vibrations. With robust shelves, this rack is also ideal for storing a selection of your favourite bottles, so you can serve your guests wine in style.

Our wine rack is a sophisticated and straightforward way to store your bottles. The design makes it easy to view the contents as well as allow airflow to help keep your wine fresh. Simply hang the rack on the wall with the included hardware, and then watch as your collection grows.

Increase Kitchen Space

Furniture accessories help to increase the functionality of your living and working environment. Our kitchen island is an ideal way to use empty space in the kitchen or dining area. The top surface doubles as a workspace when needed and can be used as a serving or side table when entertaining.

At Furniture Vogue, we have a kitchen island that brings together all the things you use every day in one central location. While increasing your workspace, it also serves as a beautiful and valuable piece of furniture that can be changed to fit in with many decors. This is a great space saver for apartment dwellers or when you need more space for cooking and entertaining. Completely customizable to fit your needs, it features several drawers and a shelf for storing all of your kitchen supplies and pantry items.

Lack of storage space in the kitchen can be a big problem. This kitchen island is ideal for people who have a small kitchen. It is designed to provide additional kitchen storage space by adding built-in storage on both sides of the island. Made of solid oak with a durable catalyzed lacquer finish, it looks beautiful as well as functional. 

The granite countertop is durable and easy to clean, with a waterfall edge for additional safety. Below the countertop is plenty of room for food preparation, with tidy storage provided in closed shelves and wine racks that allow easy access to your favourites. This island has four drawers and one cabinet with lazy Susan doors, which make it convenient to store anything you need close at hand but out of sight.

Boost Interior Design

Our 4 Drawer Chest is designed for larger bedrooms and home offices. Made of solid wood with a charming finish and available in a variety of colours, its sleek design adds a refined touch to any bedroom or living room. In addition to the four spacious drawers, this piece features two side cabinets and two doors with plenty of storage space for all of your books, remote controls, stationery and more! A leather-trimmed top provides an extra area to place a lamp or other decorative piece.

A 4-drawer chest can really help to boost the decor of a small room. It can also provide extra storage space when you need it most. For example, in a child’s bedroom or office, a 4-drawer chest helps with organizing clothing and other belongings. You can use a 4-drawer chest to store blankets and extra pillows in the living room. To increase the interior decor of a small room, two 4 drawer chests placed beside each other make for a striking visual display and provide additional storage space. The 4 Drawer Chest is made from fir wood that stands against warping and twisting, so it is suited for long-term use. Also, each drawer gently glides on sturdy metal runners that are resistant to rust, so your new piece of furniture will remain as good as new for years to come.

Our 4 Drawer Chest is ideal for tidying up the living space by offering a stylish storage solution and smooth-running drawer action. Whether you’re storing away socks and underwear, or toys and books, this chest of drawers can help to maximize space in your room. So, check Furniture Vogue’s chest of a drawer today and see how you like it.

Artistic Storage Space

The Cube with door is walk-in storage space. It is designed to provide more space and organization, with a door that enables convenient access to contents inside the wardrobe. Specifically designed with your home in mind, each Cube can be customized to fit in any room of your home.

As experienced and professional furniture designers, we’ve created cubes to provide a great way to add storage to modern home or office space without taking up valuable flooring or space. This unique piece of furniture allows you to create a large storage area with extra storage space for magazines, books or bed linen. 

This storage cube has a convenient door, so it takes up less room in your bedroom. An open storage cube is not only versatile but also stylish! Use the Cube for anything from tools or a sewing basket to bed linens or clothes. Maximize the space in your home–buy yours today!

Spice Your Interior Design with a Stylish Mirror

Our stylish mirror is sure to turn your interior design. The wood frame with a soft vintage brown tint gives our mirror its cosy and chalet look. A mirror covers the round linen fabric with a diameter of 60cm.

Designing a new room can be fun, but it can also be hard. It’s easy to add neutral-coloured furniture and expect a great design, but when you want to jazz up the look a little bit, you need some help. That is where this mirror comes in. Not only does this mirror have a stylish shape and design, but it also comes in a large enough size that you can use to show off the beauty of any room with ease.

The mirror is the best addition to your home decoration in terms of quality and design, which will help you spice up your interior decor. They (mirrors) give a pleasant look to any room, break the monotonous atmosphere of your house and add some life to it. The material used is wood, and its colour is E1 (brown), which will fit excellently with other light-coloured furniture for making them look more elegant.