Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are in a class of their own when it comes to bedroom furniture sets. The uniquely low height and the ability to be placed closely together make these tables a beautiful addition to your bedroom. What’s more, you can use them for display, organization and utility purposes.

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Finding the Right Style

Your home isn’t complete without a bedside table. They’ll make the perfect addition to any bedroom, guest room or playroom! Browse our range of modern bedside tables at Furniture Vogue. Our classic and contemporary designs come in various styles and designs, such as high gloss, mirrored, Oak and more!

From the traditional to the avant-garde and everything in-between. We have a wide variety of designs to suit any style of room, whether it be contemporary or classic, elegant or rustic, and we even have some designs that are ideal for smaller rooms.

What’s more, our range includes high gloss tables, mirrored tables, Oak tables, pine tables and much more. If you’re looking for bedside tables on a budget, you’ll love our value range; we have quality bedside tables at competitive prices, and they’re available in a large selection of finishes to suit your taste! Our bedroom furniture is modern and stylish too, giving you even more choice.

Bedside Table Designs

These bedside tables are a unique combination of design and functionality, ensuring that your bedroom furniture always matches your personal style and lifestyle. Bedside tables are great accents to any home décor, whether contemporary or traditional. They add interest and function. At Furniture Vogue, we have a wide range of bedside table designs to choose from, whether you prefer the traditional Oak or glass, you’ll surely find the right match for your interior!

There are many styles of bedside tables available, and each has its own distinctive features. Some are taller than others, some are shorter, some have drawers, and some have more storage space. Nice-looking designs aren’t the only consideration when choosing a new style of table for your bedroom; you should also think about how much space you have available and how much you want to spend on a new piece of furniture.


Bedside tables are typically used for two purposes: holding reading materials and placing lamps and other decorative objects on them. This use makes it essential that they are located close to a user’s head while sleeping so they can read comfortably without having to turn over in bed.

A minimalistic design is best for the bedside table because it needs to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. A drawer beneath the tabletop provides space for items that aren’t needed during the day. Some people use the top of their bedside tables as a display area for souvenirs and framed photographs.

Save Space

Save space by creating more storage for your bedroom. Bedside tables are great for that. They are a piece of furniture which is used daily, and of course, they are also the place where we put our drinks, glasses and even the phone. That is why we see them every day. But besides this, they create also much more space in your room than you think.

What’s really needed is a place to rest your head as you relax. That’s why ours have been designed to fit in snugly at the side of your bed. With our bedside tables, you can use your room more efficiently. So, if you’re looking for space-saving furniture to help organize your bedroom, we offer something that will make life more comfortable for you too.

Also, tables are a great way of clearing up clutter around your house. In fact, some people like to keep lots of things on a table, including things they use every day – letters, bills and keys. Our bedside tables can come in handy here!