Coffee Tables

Sitting proud in the centre of any lounge or reception room, a coffee table is always multi-functional, whether you realise it or not! It can be a place for storage, with drawers or cupboards underneath. It can double as a footrest if required. It will be where you of course want to balance any drinks and snacks. But most of all, it has to look the part too! That’s why we have a large range to choose from – so you can get one to suit your home and needs with ease.

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Showing all 45 results

Create a personal living room with our wide range of coffee tables. Here at Furniture Vogue, our selection of tables is designed to fit any interior under a console or create a cosy spot by the fireplace. Find a table that matches your vibe, like a glass coffee table with metal legs for a modern appeal or a round cocktail table for an eclectic style.

Enhance your interior, add storage space

For extra storage, we offer a wide range of different designs and colours to match any interior design. Our high-quality material furniture will exceed your expectations. Many units with additional storage are available online to help you keep your living area neat and tidy.

Glass top

If you’re going for classic and simple, then glass top coffee tables might be the perfect option. These tables provide a beautiful and clear view of your legs underneath, which is great for a modern or contemporary design. They also provide you with plenty of space to make opulent arrangements or to supplement your interior decor with some pop art. Take a look at our range today!

Round Coffee Tables

Round coffee tables are classy and elegant. Round coffee tables are versatile, and they match any type of decoration style. They are perfect to choose if you live in a small apartment or if you have limited space. We offer a wide range of round coffee tables for you to choose from, have a look today!

Small Coffee Tables

Our range of small coffee tables are perfect for anyone looking for a new coffee table but very limited on space, but they are sure to satisfy with their versatility and practicality. Whether you need a place to stack your kids’ board games or put out a few gifts during the holidays, these compact coffee tables offer room for visual interest and personal style.

Large Coffee Tables

Large coffee tables in stock at the best prices. Find the focal point for your room with this selection of coffee tables, including large round coffee tables, drop leaf coffee tables and more. Our range of large coffee tables can also be used to redesign your dining room area. Our low prices make it easy to find the perfect piece for even your tightest decorating budget.